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So Hermione can totally come after Harry or whatnot. Sorry it’s late, I’ve been going through things.

Also does anyone else listen to the This is War album while their writing for this rp? Because I do it all the time.

I’ve also decided that I’m gonna do a video for Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Draco to the song 100 suns from the same album. It’s gonna be fantastic!

The War begins:


They were in the middle of a War—there was no time for him to stop and pretend that things weren’t what they were. The Dark Lord was attacking Hogwarts, and it was very likely that none of them would live through the day. So, determined, Draco narrowed his eyes and let out a low and protective growl, bringing Hermione close to him.

“I’m here to fight alongside my girlfriend,” He snapped out, and realized it was the first time he had ever verbally announced Hermione as meaning something to him to someone other than her.

Well, no time like War for confessions, right?

Voldemort’s voice left the hall and Harry found himself surrounded by people. One of them being Draco Malfoy. He was barely listening to the conversation between Ginny and Draco, he was more focused on the school and finding the Diadem. Malfoy’s words pulled him out of his thoughts.
"Wait…what’s going on?" He asked as he watched Draco pulling Hermione close to him. He felt anger burn up inside of him but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to move.
"You know what, I don’t care right now." He said turning away from them to face the rest of them. "I have to find Ravenclaw’s Diadem. Ron, I need you and Hermione to go back in to the Chamber of Secrets. We’re going to need basilisk fangs. I think I have an idea of where the diadem is."

He stopped for a minute to catch his breath, McGonagall was helping to escort the underage students out of the hall. At the sight  of the many older students staying behind to fight, he felt a sense of hope rise up with him. He could hear the clock strike 10.

"Two hours until midnight." He muttered as the rest of them received orders from Lupin.  He looked around at his friends and the people he considered his family. He took Ginny’s hand in his own and pulled her close. 
"I have to go now, but I promise I’ll be back." He said before kissing her softly. He had forgotten that her parents and her brothers were standing nearby, All he could think about was that this could be their last kiss.

He turned to Ron and Hermione,and did his best at avoiding Hermione’s eye contact.

"Meet me back here before midnight." He said as he pulled his invisibility cloak and wand out of his bag.  "Good luck."

Harry took one last look at the great hall and his friends before running out in to the hectic entrance hall.

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So ummm… Harry doesn’t know about Hermione and Draco yet.





The War begins:


Ron watched almost in slow-motion as Harry walked to the front, an arm instinctively sticking out and grabbing onto his robes. Harry merely shrugged his futile attempts, that’s when Ron noticed his sister chasing Harry; over his dead body. He grabbed her arms and pulled her back.

Wand held tightly within his grasp Ron tried to focus on the words coming out of Snape’s mouth but his imagination already running wild. Eyeing Amycus he felt a wave of anger shake through his bones.

Suddenly he was pulled out of his daydream when the Great Hall doors swung open; his brothers, his family. He felt his gut clench, turning back to the scene in front of him as McGonagall dealt with Snape and the twins.

It was a drop in the ocean compared to what was about to happen.

Harry turned and smiled at Professor McGonagall. “Thanks Professor.”

"Anytime Potter," She said as she nodded politely at him, "Tell me you do have a plan."

Harry looked down at his feet, he still hadn’t found Ravenclaw’s lost Diadem, and Ron and him had only discussed how to defend the castle. He was beginning to feel scared again.

 ”I have to find something still.” He said quietly. He looked over at Lupin and saw him with the rest order looking over a map of Hogwarts on one of the house tables.

"Well, there’s no better time like the present to find it." McGonagall said before she went to stand in front of the school.

"Prefects please escort all first years and  student’s from your house who do not wish to stay and fight to the evacuation points. Everyone else please retrieve your assigned posts from the Order." She said in a quiet voice, but there was no problem hearing her since everyone was silent.

Harry stood with his hands in his pockets, barely listening to what Lupin was saying.  Suddenly Harry was doubled over in pain, it felt as if his head was going to rip open from his scar. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley rushed over to him, asking what was wrong. The eerie voice of Lord Voldemort filled the room, causing a few students to scream.

"I know you are preparing to fight. your Efforts are futile, you cannot fight me. I do not want to kill you. I do not want to spill magical blood."

Harry felt like he was drowning in silence again, and the pain from his scar brought tears to his eyes, but Voldemort’s voice spoke again.

"Give me Harry Potter and the school and everyone in it will be unharmed, Give me Harry Potter and you will be rewarded.     You have until midnight." 

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The War begins:


The sudden presence of someone new beside her gave Ginny a start. Gulping she looked up at Harry, her eyes full of the fear that she’d been hiding for so long.

Her eyes began searching the crowed for her brother, to see Hermione leaving him to stand by Malfoy. As he made his way over to her and Harry she gave him a look, hopefully making it obvious that she was saying that Hermione would be able to handle herself.

With one hand laced with Harry’s and another gripping onto her ivory wand she followed the flow of the crowd until they were fully lined up. All of them, from every house, lined up. The houses were divided and she felt her gut clench as she was able to look around and see her classmates, her friends. The war was inevitable, they’d always known that, but for so long she’d hoped it wouldn’t have had to take place at Hogwarts where there were so many that weren’t able to defend themselves.

And, despite the faith that she wanted to have in her friends, not even those in the DA were fully prepared for such a thing.

 "Harry Potter." Snape’s voice broke the silence of the great hall, causing everyone present to stand up straighter. Harry breathed in deep before stepping forward. He ignored Ginny and Ron’s attempt to hold him back. He walked forward in to the clear space between the four houses.

"You have been ordered by the Ministry of Magic, to surrender. If you do Hogwarts will be safe as well as your friends. " Snape said from the front of the room. The Carrows stood behind him with looks of glee on their evil faces.  A look of terror seemed to go through the student’s like a wave.

"And what if I don’t, what if I fight. Do you really think that anyone will stand up with you?" Harry said loudly for the whole room to hear. "What gives you the right to stand in Professor Dumbledore’s place?  After you killed a man who trusted you."

The doors to the great hall flung open as the members of the Order of the Phoenix  came in. Snape pulled out his wand and pointed it at Harry, but before Harry could make a move Professor McGonagall stepped in front of him with her wand drawn. 
"You will not harm him." She called out before several flashes of gold light shot towards Snape. Snape tried to block them but failed. Professor Flitwick stepped forward and disarmed the Carrows before they were able to defend Snape. Seeing this the three of them disapparated .

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I’m going to give a chance for Ginny, Ron, Luna, Pansy to post then I’m moving on. We have a battle get through chillins…..



The War begins:

It was just after dusk when, Snape’s voice sounded through the castle ordering all students to report to the great hall. Harry knew what was happening it was starting. A boulder of fear had dropped in to his stomach making him feel queasy. His hands shook as he carefully put on his robes over his muggle clothes. He turned and nodded to Seamus, this was to tell him to call Lupin and the rest of the Order to the school. Seamus nodded and ran quickly to the ham radio that had been hidden in the dormitory. Harry’s mind went blank as  Seamus read off the code names. He swallowed his fear as he walked down the stairs from the dormitory for what he hoped was not the last time. Adrenaline began to pump through his veins as he joined the rest of the Gryffindor students as they lined up outside the portrait hole. McGonagall shortly later with a worried look at her face. She gave a small nod to Harry and returned to making sure that all the student’s were accounted for.

They began to march down the stairs towards the great hall, it was different then all  the other times. There was no chatter only silence. The silence washed over Harry and it was almost  suffocating. The fear that had taken up residence in his stomach was smaller now and Harry pushed through the student’s in front of him to be next to Ginny. He grabbed her hand and gave it a small squeeze.

Before Harry knew it he was standing in the great hall listening to the rest of the houses marching in.

OOC: Hey guys I hate to be a buzz kill. But I’ve been sick all day and I’m in no mental state to be posting sad Harry War posts, if I do the tears are just going to start flowing. Can we start this tomorrow? If not I’ll totally try to do it tonight…You guys just owe me a lot of hugs and candy and John Barrowman being freaking adorable!